Mr. Brian Mwanamambo the Country Programs Coordinator briefed the Titukuke Women’s Development Club Leaders at Titukuke Offices how  USADF (United States African Development

IMGP4366Fund) work.

He explained that USADF

  • Operates in 26 counties in African including Zambia which is number 3 hearty funded.
  • Uses the Federal Government Funds from United States of America.
  • Its funding mainly focus on real sustainable development rather social activities;
  • In terms of social activities evaluation will be needed first before the final funneling
  •  But this is not normally ADF focus in rural community hence the last 6 years has founded agriculture related activities.
  • ADF is currently in 10 province of Zambia that is including Eastern Province .

The Coordinator said his coming was to coordinate the organization with ADF so that the project can be considered for funding. Him as a Country Programmes Coordinator does not issue a he commendation for funding or assuring the group that it will be funded this is because ADF funding procedures take time in order to make all necessary document clean free from doubts’ staffs will have time to time visit the organization until funding agreement will be signed.

This funding will run for two years with an initial funding of about K500,000,000.


  • ACTUAL PROJECT FUNDING.(ENTREPRENEURSHIP) If the first funding have been used well and the donor is satisfied then ADF will consider the next funding to run for the next 3 years with an initial funding of K1.3billion.

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