Titukuke Youth Win a UN-HABITAT

UN HABITAT Training in Zanziba, at Mazsons Hotel, Stone Town
George Masimba Lukwanda Titukuke Youth Coordinator on the left and Time UNHABITAT trainer on the right

Titukuke wishes to inform the
youth of Petauke and Zambia as a whole that one of our staffer who is a youth.
George Masimba Lukwanda had gone for a training trip to Zanzibar in Tanzania
over the UN HABITAT for urban youth fund grant that was awarded to the organization
in May, 2011.

The call for proposals opened to
the whole world on 15th February 2011 and closed on the 16th
April 2011. The most crucial aspect was the Eligibility check status of the
application form which had 6 parts each with 100% pass rate, which Titukuke
managed to achieve. The project, “promoting youth participation in urban
governance” was designed and developed by Titukuke program staff and youth from
the catchment areas valued at a cost of $14,000 whilst in Zanzibar Island,
George noted that over 6000 applications were submitted from all over 40
countries but only 59 were selected out of which 12 were form Africa. Zambia
had Titukuke as the only project that won the award from Petauke District in
Eastern Province.

The project is aimed at
challenging the structured cause of poverty and improving access for the youths
who lack basic rights. It is also about the promotion of basic needs without
which youths cannot survive in order to participate in national affairs. To be
implemented for a period of 12 months in 2012, the project covers 100 direct
and 3000 indirect beneficiaries. The approaches will also support CSO
initiatives that aim to increase youth forums for dialogue with public
institutions and support the efforts of member base to effectively influence,
articulate and monitor pro-poor policies in the district.

A number of specific results from
different initiatives thus designed in the project are anticipated. Titukuke
has been working in the areas of Building Local Democracy and Land Rights for
the past 3 and half years with support from MS Action Aid Denmark and have
accumulated expertise in local governance and community empowerment which
should be an advantage in highlighting local democracy issues for youths.

Details of the project shall be
disclosed at the project launch in January 2012

UNHABITAT Youth Fund Beneficiaries "Zambia, Zanzibar the host, Zimbambwe, Uganda and South Africa" and UNHABITAT Oficials

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