Titukuke Women Trained in Paralegal Work

Titukuke trained 18 women and female youths drawn from 8 different women and youth clubs in TRCDA catchment areas. Women and female youths were trained in basic paralegal knowledge during a 3 days training workshop. They learnt how to mediate between conflict parties, referring clients to services of legal systems, supporting low self-esteem clients and conducting sensitization at community level, to inform and educate the public on human rights, gender based violence, family law, inheritance law, civil and criminal cases and court proceedings.

The workshop took place from the 13th to 15th May 2011. The trained paralegals,
finally drew out action plans which are being implemented in all sites. The
participants have informed the office that different clubs were sensitized in
civic education and law and that in Nyamphande area citizens were being
escorted to present cases to the police. The training was facilitated by Mr.
Richard Mbachundu, Programmes Coordinator of Titukuke RCDA and  supported with funds from Action Aid International Zambia.

The training took place at the Government Guest House in Petauke District and the participants were drawn from the six chiefdoms. Trained paralegals are implementing their skills in their communities.


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