Land Advocacy Team Undergo Training

Land Advocacy Team Members. Photo by Bhumi Bhandari

The Titukuke Rural Community Development Association is being appreciated through reports from the participants who received training in land advocacy. Mr. Simon Zulu, one of the participants from Chipungu Nyamphande area, reported that he successfully
conducted land rights awareness raising among fellow club members and the
general community due to the skills acquired during the training for the land
advocacy team.

Titukuke organized a two days Land Advocacy Training to empower the land advocacy team members with advocacy skills. The immediate indicator of success is that the trained members have mobilized teams who are sensitizing the community about their land rights.
They have since started claiming legal documents from Chiefs for their
customary land. Four families in Chilando village successfully acquired land
records certificates from Chief Nyamphande.

According to the Programmes Coordinator Mr. Richard Mbachundu, work has started on a good note and citizens are gradually  holding land administrators accountable for equitable access to land for the poor and marginalized citizens in Petauke district and that awareness raising was needed in many areas and not in 10 areas only where the trained advocacy team members come from.



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