The Board chairperson, Board Members,
staff, all invited guests and the participants- all protocol observed.

I am most privileged to stand before you today, to officiate at this year’s Titukuke AGM. Titukuke has stood to be what it is today  because of you our members from the schools and clubs. I am very happy to note that all the chiefdoms have finally been covered in our operations. It is now up to all of us to critically look at what is it that we want to achieve in our school or in our group. This is called a vision-ciloto. Without a vision, we will end up doing things that will not help us.

The role of Titukuke as an association is to help groups find ways of achieving their visions, so, each group is free to come to the office to tell us what they have planned. We will do so by training members, and leaders and also sending materials when chance allows. We shall also continue submitting and writing proposals for members to donors.

Let us work hard in 2011 so that our
families can be seen improving. Thank you once again for your good attendance.

God bless you all.

Getrude Soko, Executive Director


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