The Titukuke Rural Community development Association conducted its Annual General Meeting on 5th April 2011 at its Child Day Care Centre. The AGM is the supreme decision making organ of the organization which draws its membership from representatives of affiliated women and youth clubs, community schools, women cooperatives and farmer groups, HBC and support groups as well as Nursery schools.

During the AGM Titukuke Management and Board explained to the members the achievements and challenges of the organization in 2010 and also highlighted the planned initiatives earmarked for 2011. The AGM approved the 2011 Annual Work Plan (AWP) which included a number of activities.

 Some of the AWP programmes included; Income Generating activities at both secretariat and affiliate levels; Capacity building training in Paralegal, leadership, land advocacy and staff specialised skills; supporting women farmers to access title deeds; women, youths and child rights awareness and interventions; OVC educational support, pass on the gift cow support to care givers; teachers training; land rights awareness; youth and women empowerment; HIV and AIDS programmes and many more. At the end of the AGM, each area elected its representative to sit in the Titukuke Board.

And Mr. Bhumi Bhandari, The Inspirator on Information Development from Action Aid International, Zambia was introduced to the members. Titukuke uses the AGM as a platform to share experiences and learn from them. About 300 participants attended the AGM.


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