During the year under review, Titukuke secretariat successfully implemented programmes under the Building Local Democracy, Land Rights and Orphans & Vulnerable children and widows. This was with support from Action Aid and Firelight Foundation. We achieved the following;

  • We contributed 100 T/shirts and 100 chitenge material as well as lunch to participants who attended 2010 women’s day.
  •  We trained 9 women and 9 girls in paralegal literacy from 9 catchment areas.
  •  We trained 18 senior Indunas and local leaders at Nyika motel on the negative cultural practices that impinge the rights of women.
  •  Conducted 2 meetings for district level CSOs and line departments on gender & youth.
  •  We conducted 7 local workshops on the Democracy and Human Rights Manual in the 6  chiefdoms and Petauke central.
  •  We developed 1500 IEC materials on gender for distribution during 2010 Youth Day with 100 T/shirts and lunch.
  •  Several policy documents are in place ideal for donor competence
  •  We conducted 10 in school talks on the African Charter on the Convention of the Child and councilors over people who illegally settled in government forests in Kapungwe east and west.
  •  We hosted 3 board and management meetings.
  •  We published the long awaited strategic plan document.
  •  We produced 200 newsletters via email.
  •  We trained 100 teachers in teaching skills and sports.
  •  We procured exercise books and pencils for 500 orphans and vulnerable children.
  •  Purchased 7 cows and distributed to 35 widows from 7 groups.

Even though we scored successes, we had a number of challenges as well, such as;

  •  We failed to supply foot balls and net balls to schools.
  •  We failed to conduct nutritional demos for widows.
  •  We failed to train peer educators and their patrons and matrons.

These were attributed to high cost of training teachers and purchasing cows and their transportation.

For 2011, Secretarial has put in place a few activities due to none availability of a strategic partner. However, we applied for an Inspirator and succeeded in bringing Mr. Bhumi Bhandari who will be with us for 9 months up to august 2011. He is here as an Information Development Facilitator. With his coming, it is anticipated that lot of strategic partners will recognize our work and come to support Titukuke.

We also want to record data of all clubs, schools, groups and the names of their members and leaders and exact location so that Mr. Bhandari assist us sell our organization with supportive data. We intend to re apply the widows cow program, school support and child abuse interventions.

We will train 18 more paralegals in the second quarter April to June from among the women and youth clubs.

We will support 10 women farmers in the scheme area to acquire title deeds as a pilot to see whether they will develop their farms and end poverty.

We intend to purchase textbooks for our community schools.

We have applied to 4 strategic donors on HIV/AIDS, OVCs, Democracy and Human Rights and school construction.

If these are accepted, we shall call leaders to plan programmes.

We intend to visit places we have not visited to conduct outreach programmes on land. We shall communicate with you later.

Our plans to solicit for support from government empowerment fund are slowly fading out due to non-movement of things in the offices.

National Chil Rights Council was recently established to pave way for District Child Rights Councils.

Teachers in the schools should be grade 12 as per education policy.

Volunteers from NSO failed from CHIN on the way and from AAIZ has come and we applied for 2 interns from Denmark.



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