Our Strength – Five Years Strategic Plan in Hand

Getrude Soko, Executive Director

Titukuke Rural Community Development Association has since 2001 been working in Petauke district of Eastern Province with a focus on the fight against hunger, poverty, ignorance and illiteracy: Improvement of general health conditions of vulnerable groups; and contribution towards against the fight against child abuse and gender inequality.

 In TRCDA’s previous work, there have been a number of achievements and challenges. Among these, the increase in membership across the six chiefdoms of Petauke district and limited donor support respectively. We  now have a new five years strategic plan at hand.  The new strategic plan, 2010 -2014 is intended for the strategic repositioning of TRCDA in its guest to uplift the lives of the vulnerable members of community in Petauke, chiefly reflecting on the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as from the point of view of the organization’s achievements and challenges since inception in 2001.       

 The strategic plan articulates the strategic direction that the organization will undertake in order to achieve the set goals in the next five years. The strategic planning process was conceptualized on the basis of a model that indicates the process and makes an analysis of “where TRCDA is coming from”, before it identifies “where TRCDA wants to be,” the process identifies how TRCDA would like to get there (strategies) and lastly “what TRCDA needs to do to get there”.

 In order to analyze and identify the components of the strategic planning process, TRCDA conducted a series of activities which included hire of an external consultant with support from MS Zambia to help lead the process; held a three day strategic planning workshop and a series of formal and informal exchange of information between the consultant and TRCDA key stakeholders. The strategic plan takes into consideration critical assumptions which include TRCDA being able to organize the required resources; that members and key stakeholders will remain committed to the ideas of TRCDA and support the organization in implementing designed programs; and that there will be continued good relationships with the funders with whom TRCDA already has a relationship.

 We have attached our strategic plan’s summary version and its logical framework. Please click on bellow given link for more details.

Titukuke Strategic Plan 2010-2014 summary

Logical Framework of Titukuke Strategic Plan 2010-2014


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